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The only Beatles albums not included in it are Abbey Road and Let It Be, due to the fact that those two albums were not recorded in mono.I finally got my hands on the Beatles Japanese mono red vinyl box set.

The remastered recordings received rave reviews, for the most part.

This limited-edition box is laden with new-to-CD mixes, including the genuine rarities of the previously unreleased mono mixes of the four new songs from Yellow Submarine, and its packaging is gorgeous, filled with mini-LP replicas with stiff.

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This new information will not affect your pre-order--if you pre-ordered a mono box set, you will receive it.

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The Beatles in mono: This is how most listeners first heard the group in the 1960s, when mono was the predominant audio format.

The mono mixes were sometimes strikingly different to the stereo mixes, which has ensured their collectability over the years.

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Both are great but the Beatles in Mono is a bit more intimate and especially in the case of Sgt.

Following is a basic description of the box plus a little back.The set boasts fourteen 180-gram vinyl LPs, with the original artwork, as well as a 108-page hardbound book.

Posted on September 8, 2014 by beatlesblogger. 14. Picked up our copy today.The Beatles In Stereo Vinyl Box Set Manufactured on 180-gram, audiophile quality vinyl with replicated artwork, the 14 albums return to their original glory with details including the poster in The Beatles (The White Album), the Sgt.The Mono Masters compilation released on vinyl for the first time.

Beatles in Mono is even better than the Beatles in Stereo CD box set.The Beatles Remastered Vinyl albums in Mono released in 2014.But until 1969, the Beatles were disinterested in stereo: they oversaw the mono mixes of their albums, then left the rest to George Martin.

Instead, they employed the same procedures used in the 1960s, guided by the original albums and by detailed transfer notes made by the original cutting engineers.If you have to pick one of the them the mono is the better of the two.Pepper but left the stereo mix to Martin and the engineers — thus, the mono version is the Beatles-sanctioned one.

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My only real complaint is that the remixed version of the Sour Milk Sea Esher demo lacks the bongo power of the bootlegged version.

Recording great Ken Scott shares his memories working with the Beatles, their vinyl Mono Box Set, and the troubling current state of the recording industry.THE BEATLES The Beatles In Mono (2009 UK limited edition 13-CD album set.The stereo box has three more CDs than the mono box, including Yellow Submarine, Let It Be and Abbey Road, since those were never issued in mono.