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It makes an excellent rest for hunting conditions, but due to the amount of contact it makes with the arrow it is not the rest of choice for most competition shooters.

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When you get one shot at your target you need pinpoint accuracy after you release your arrow.

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A whisker biscuit is an arrow rest that uses stiff bristles to form a ring around the arrow.Stationary rests can range from a whisker biscuit style rest to a fixed blade type rest while drop-away rest are offered in cable driven or limb driven styles.The Whisker Biscuit has been trusted for its reliability by bowhunters for nearly two decades.

The Tabiger Arrow Rest, like other biscuit bow rests, will hold your arrow safely.Many swear by it and others would never let it touch their bow.Fixed the issue, then upgraded to whisker biscuit, and got a buck within a month.

Keep your target in sight when you attach a quality arrow rest to your bow.

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Trophy Ridge Cajun Bowfishing Biscuit Arrow Rest is a whisker biscuit type one of the best arrow rest in affordable price line.The Whisker Biscuit rest has been very controversial among bow hunters.

Here we are going to locate the drop away mannered rest following some easy steps.The bristles hold the arrow in place and when the arrow is released, the vanes pass through the bristles.However, they perform best with stiff, durable fletching in an offset configuration.The premise behind an arrow rest is to stabilize the arrow until it is released from the string.

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Looking for a new drop away arrow rest for hunting this Fall.

Compound hunting rests are popular products among the archers who shop at Lancaster Archery Supply.

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This arrow rest comes with a laser engraved easily visible reference marks.Purchase Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit Sure Shot Pro Rest (Black) at Lancaster Archery Supply.

A Whisker Biscuit allows you to keep an arrow balanced between the bow and bowstring.THE ONLY WORTHY CONTENDER: The only arrow rest to ever successfully challenge the mighty Whisker Biscuit.

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Using two bolts prevents accidental twisting of the rest that can occur over time from bow vibrations.

Brush style containment rest that features windage and elevation adjustment, a composite encased biscuit that is 150 percent stronger than previous models, reference marks and custom rubber boots that silence arrow loading.Related Reviews All Archery Equipment Reviews All Customer Product Reviews.I have shot whisker biscuit for the past 5 or 6 years and my only complaint is that it seems like the bristles get hard after awhile which causes there to be more noise when drawing back the bow.This bowfishing array rest is ideal for fishing bows and hunting bows as well.The fletching or feathers on your arrow shaft must clear the riser of your bow to avoid making the arrow wobble or twist in its flight to the target.

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We finally got our hands on one and are putting it through the paces.With a recurve bow you can also use a normal arrow rest or the whisker biscuit rest.

NO. If conditions are quite, a wary whitetail hears the draw.The Biscuit includes windage adjustment and reference marks to help you improve your accuracy.

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This arrow rest dominates the archery market - has for over a decade.You shoot the arrow through the bristles or whiskers, which keep the arrow stable after launch.This a quality whisker biscuit type arrow rest that also comes with a cheap price tag.